1. bearing

WARIOS|cmms now offers functionalities to manage own warehouses. These functionalities were partly taken over from the previous stand-alone warehouse application. In the course of the changeover, some adjustments were made to simplify usability.
You can now independently create and manage your bearings. This includes the creation of inventories and the historical recording of goods receipts and issues as well as inventory adjustments. The adjustment of stocks is completely automatic, should you deposit materials for yourmaintenance tasks.

2. create order via object info

The direct creation of maintenance orders via the object info is now possible. You can find the corresponding button on the Services tab under “More”. You just need to select the service you want beforehand.

3. bug fixes

Create an exchange
Create and edit faults
Automatic generation of fault logs
Add configurable columns
Performance when using configurable columns

App Crashes
Initial data load for offline mode