WARIOS|cmms is a software for the planning, execution and documentation of maintenance and repair measures.

Key Features

Mobile app

Warehouse management

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The system can be used for the planning, organization and execution of maintenance and servicing measures for plants in water management, combustion and industrial plants as well as medical technology.

Maintenance, inspections and repairs are planned and monitored on an order-oriented basis.

In addition, the system can already be used as a foundation for the Industry 4.0 revolution and for Building Information Modeling (BIM).

With WARIOS|cmms you can even digitally integrate your subcontractors into your workflows.

WARIOS is one of the few CMMS which, by integrating geographic information systems, takes spatial references for service objects and service units into account during planning if necessary.

Key Features

Overview WARIOS|cmms


Order management

When is which maintenance due in a timely manner?
When were orders assigned to subcontractors or tasks assigned to employees and to what extent?
From whom were orders processed?
Everything at a glance!


Inspection form

Do you need cross-aggregate processing lists or routing slips? With our software system, you can create them yourself and make them available to your colleagues using our app.

GIS integration

Especially for large-scale plants and networks, WARIOS|cmms offers interactive coupling with geographic information systems. Here, not only the display of necessary maintenance or accumulated faults takes place directly in the card material. This also gives you the opportunity to design your plans, taking into account spatial relationships, directly from the GIS.


WARIOS|cmms contains a comprehensive package of ready-made statistics. These concern not only the maintenance services performed, but also the accumulated fault messages. As a result, they can further optimize your planning. Furthermore, it is possible to configure user-defined statistics.


Dynamic services

In addition to using time intervals or runtimes to set maintenance orders, it is also possible to have WARIOS|cmms automatically create event-oriented maintenance orders. These are then transferred – also automatically – to the order management system. You can freely define event-oriented maintenance orders yourself using a set of rules stored in our system.

Monetary recording

Within WARIOS|cmms you can create cost centers and assign them to individual employees or entire teams. This results in extensive possibilities for monetary controlling including corresponding evaluation options. In addition, interfaces to various ERP systems are available.

Calendar related planning

All orders are planned according to time and resources and displayed in a calendar. WARIOS|cmms independently identifies corresponding conflicts during the scheduling of work orders and provides tools to ensure optimal organization.


Of course, you and your employees can also access the manufacturer documentation for the individual service objects via the front end. Like all functions in WARIOS|cmms, this one is also multilingual. In addition, a comprehensive central object library is already available for retrieval upon delivery. This means that if a specific service object has already been created once in another project in WARIOS|cmms, the manufacturer documentation and the information on required services can be transferred.

Services Planning and monitoring

With the help of our service display, you not only receive detailed information about the type and scope of necessary maintenance work, but can also define interdependent services here. Of course, taking into account different time intervals or durations. The individual services can be assigned to predefined teams or individuals. The maintenance personnel retrieve these via the smartphone and confirm the work performed in real time after the service.


Free input mask

If the already included data fields are not sufficient for your use case, you can make any extensions at any time and configure them independently.


In addition to aggregates and objects, you can also use our software to manage resources such as vehicles, tools, etc., and in turn assign them to maintenance and inspections.

Room cluster

In addition to full integration in geographic information systems, you can alternatively use WARIOS|cmms to create spatial clusters based on factual information. This means that spatial relationships are taken into account when planning maintenance orders. Based on these, routes can be optimized, thus minimizing the effort required for approach and setup times.

Formation of service teams

Maintenance orders in WARIOS|cmms are usually issued to specific persons, who are thus responsible for task processing. In practice, however, the procedure of assigning tasks to groups of people rather than to individuals has proved successful. Each member of this group can then follow and edit the team’s tasks via their user-based account. This is also supported by our software system.

WARIOS|cmmscan do much more.

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App application

Work Mobile!

App integration

Have access to your data at any time and from anywhere. Document maintenance and servicing measures directly on site. Check instructions for action or manufacturer documentation directly on the object.


Object representation

Give your employees the opportunity to directly request information about the condition of the object. Maintenance personnel also receive all necessary information on the services to be performed via the integrated app and can enter comments on all services.


Navigate directly to your maintenance objects using Google Maps. With this functionality, you support not only new employees, but also non-locals from centralized teams or subcontractors.

Safeguarding solo work

Secure your colleagues working alone, fully integrated, both in the WARIOS app and the web front-end. By transmitting the exact location of your employee in the event of an emergency, you can not only initiate assistance measures, but also support them.


Inspection form

With the routing slip management in WARIOS|cmms, it is possible to provide service personnel with routing slips and inspection reports independently configured by you via the smartphone. Create the basis of your maintenance documentation with this!

Historical illustration

Have the entire history of your aggregates – showing all maintenance and repair work as well as notes and comments entered by service personnel during previous services – directly at your fingertips with our mobile historical mapping!

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Warehouse management

Included warehouse management

With the warehouse management implemented in WARIOS|cmms you book your stocks of consumables based on the services performed – automatically. Manage different warehouses and storage locations.

Everything at a glance!

Track your inventory levels and perform physical inventories. See at a glance which items have fallen below reorder points or are out of stock – all in real time linked to your maintenance activities.

Useful additional function

Manage your different suppliers and purchase prices, compile order lists or use the extensive possibilities of the system’s multi-language capability.

Open Platform Communications

OPC connection


Time-related intervals are not everything! Couple WARIOS|cmmswith your SCADA systems and benefit from runtime and/or interval-based maintenance. Our program for reading this information e.g. by means of OPC/DA or OPC/UA can be executed as console program, background process or Windows service. Within customizing you get access to all variables of your controls. Also take advantage of our event-based maintenance orders, which can be configured with coupling to your SCADA system.


The implemented configurator enables the creation of rule sets. Among other things, you can use any arithmetic functions to process incoming values. The rule set is transferred to the WARIOS server within an automated process and applied there.

Near Field Communication

NFC integration

NFC Tags

Connect your maintenance objects with NFC tags and thus take advantage of fast identification as well as the necessary presence of your employees or subcontractors during maintenance work. Benefit from more transparent record keeping.

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CMMS Release Notes

We are constantly working to improve our software and make it as intuitive to use as possible. In doing so, we take note of customer opinions and stay up to date. Here you will find all the latest features and fixes.

The CMMS Manual

Even though our support team will assist you with any question and nothing will be left unresolved, using a manual is a good solution to internalize content and quickly clarify recurring issues.