Release Notes - WARIOS®cmms

Below you will find detailed descriptions of new features, solved problems and/or improvements in our software products.


1. bearing WARIOS|cmms now offers functionalities to manage own warehouses. These functionalities were partly taken over from the previous stand-alone warehouse application. In the course of the changeover, some adjustments were made to simplify usability.You can now independently create and...

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1. page design and functions The following pages have been given a new uniform design and expanded functionality: Employee directory Team directory (new page) Object type list Dead man's switch 2. settings page The settings page has been revised and now offers more setting options. Changing the...

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1. container directory The container directory has been redesigned. The relationships between containers and their maintenance objects are now displayed more clearly. The range of functions has been expanded only slightly. You can now trace the relationships of individual containers and click on...

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1. order filter The filter of the order list has been extended by the fields Location 1, Location 2, Room cluster and Group. Also, the single selection fields have been changed to multiple selection fields. 2. print jobs Multiple jobs can now be printed simultaneously on the job list. The export...

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1. service printing In the object data definition below the service selection, you now have the option of having the service and the associated information output as a PDF file. You can print the file to process your maintenance in paper form, to archieve it or to use it as an alternative...

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1. navigation The navigation has been restructured for more clarity. You will still find all the pages you know, only they may be assigned to other tabs. Objects: Project view / Object overview (new) / Object data definition (new functions) / Container directory. Planning: Order list / Object...

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