1. order filter

The filter of the order list has been extended by the fields Location 1, Location 2, Room cluster and Group. Also, the single selection fields have been changed to multiple selection fields.

2. print jobs

Multiple jobs can now be printed simultaneously on the job list. The export is done within a single PDF file. As before, you can select multiple jobs using the Ctrl key.

3. export order list (Excel)

The order list can now be exported to an Excel list. In addition to the fields displayed via the web view, further information on the maintenance object or order is also displayed. The export takes into account the current order filter and the status of the order (completed or open).

4. display of overdue services

The project view colors maintenance objects including their superordinate maintenance objects or groups as soon as a service parameter of the service of the respective object exceeds 100% progress. This feature can be turned off for the entire project. The object overview colors service parameters including their parent service as soon as the parameter exceeds 100% progress.

5. print service

In the object overview you can now print services by clicking on the print icon. After this a print dialog with the corresponding PDF file will be opened.

6. object monitoring context menu

In the object monitoring you can open the context menu of the respective entry by right-clicking. Here you have the possibility to perform a quick maintenance or to print the service.

7. print dialog

When printing jobs and services, the print dialog is now displayed directly instead of the PDF file. To download the PDF file the printer / destination “Save as PDF” can be selected in the print dialog.

8. create online service

An error when creating services with online interval was fixed. In addition, the specification of a first execution for an online interval is now optional. If there is no last maintenance for the service parameter, 0 is used as the current value.

9. export maintenance objects

In the container directory, taking into account the current filter (without the general search), the displayed object list can now be exported to an Excel list.

10. export fault list

In the fault list, taking into account the selected status (active or inactive), the list of faults including further object data can now be exported to an Excel list.

11. export object monitoring

In object monitoring, the entries displayed can now be exported to an Excel list, taking into account the current filter.

12. selection of the most advanced service

When entering the object data definition, the service parameter with the highest progress is now selected. This behavior is only ignored if the user accesses a specific service or service parameter via a link (for example, via the object overview).

13. minor adjustments

– Changed font color for all resume entries to black
– Preselecting the language on the object type list depending on the program language
– The login page informs the user that he has no access if he works with Internet Explorer.
– Updating the progress bar after performing quick maintenance