1. container directory

The container directory has been redesigned. The relationships between containers and their maintenance objects are now displayed more clearly. The range of functions has been expanded only slightly. You can now trace the relationships of individual containers and click on the respective object to be guided to it within the list.The container relationships are displayed in the upper right margin of a container.
By adjusting theContainer directory, the application startup time has been improved.

2. page design and functions

The following pages have been given a new uniform design and expanded functionality:

  1. Malfunction list
  2. Manufacturer list
  3. Subcontractor list
  4. Space Cluster Directory
Functional scope:
  • Create, edit and delete records
  • Tabular view of the records
  • Multiple selection of records for deletion
  • Context menu when right-clicking on a record
  • Configuration of the displayed columns
  • Adjustment of the size of the displayed columns
  • Column-based filter with selectable filter algorithm (shown and hidden via filter icon)
  • Export the displayed table to Excel
  • Storage of the displayed and configured columns within the browser
  • Color differentiation of the buttons

3. other features (concern only previously listed pages)

  • When displaying maintenance objects, with a blue underline, the part of the project view in which the object incl. the name is displayed can be displayed by mouse click or by hovering over the name. of subordinate and superordinate objects.
  • When selecting records via a selection field, the respective record can now be created based on the entered name, if it does not yet exist. The selection box communicates this suggestion by displaying an option with the title: Create: “Input”.