1. page design and functions

The following pages have been given a new uniform design and expanded functionality:

  1. Employee directory
  2. Team directory (new page)
  3. Object type list
  4. Dead man’s switch

2. settings page

The settings page has been revised and now offers more setting options. Changing the project settings requires administrative permissions.

3. column filter

There are now two new filter types on already revised pages. For Yes / No fields, a corresponding selection is now displayed. Furthermore, you can now select multiple values via a selection field for textual filters. To do this, select the “[x]” filter type.

4. perform bugfix maintenance

When performing a maintenance without stored last maintenance and without defined first execution, an error was triggered until now, because no status values of the maintenance can be calculated. This error is bypassed by setting the maintenance status to 0. Statistically, this makes the first maintenance useless, but the user can still perform maintenance in this case.

Service parameters for which this condition is true are usually created only by migration processes.

5. calendar service parameter

A new service type has been introduced, which allows you to configure time intervals. The difference to the fixed interval is that intervals like “Every 2 months on the first Monday of the month” or “On the 2nd Tuesday only in March” can be configured.
The advantage of this service parameter is that on the one hand continuous intervals can be created and on the other hand holidays can be explicitly excluded and working days included.

The calculation of the next execution refers to the last maintenance. If now an interval “Every day at 08:00” is executed at 07:59, then the parameter calculates the next execution at 08:00, i.e. one minute later. A solution to this problem will be implemented in the future.

The calendar service parameter is currently only supported in the object type list and object monitoring. It is fully functional, but is not yet properly displayed in all parts of the program.


6. app version

A new app version will delete all configured login settings. This means you will have to manually re-enter your credentials once the update takes effect.

The address of the public WARIOS server is: https://warios.wteb.de/prod01